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  • UVAIRx is an advanced decontamination system that uses photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology mimicking the sun’s natural cleansing process. The heart of the UVAIRx system is a low wattage UV light bulb that is surrounded by a solid structure coated with Titanium Dioxide.


  • When the UV light hits the Titanium Dioxide, a gaseous state is created directly above its surface (called “metastate”).  As air passes over the metastate, positive and negative super charged ion clusters are formed and released in the air. 


  • The UVAIRx ion clusters are attracted to oppositely charged pathogen/virus cells and when they come in contact with each other, a small electrical charge pierces the cell of the airborne pathogen/virus and completely destroys its cellular structure. 


  • The UVAIRx ion clusters interact chemically with bacteria and volatile organic compounds, breaking them down into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).




UVAIRx technology has been developed for use in hospital and healthcare facilities to assist in their efforts to enhance the safety of the “environment of care” as defined by The Joint Commission (


Using the Centre for Disease Control’s “chain of infection” model. This chain is composed of five links:

  1. Pathogen

  2. Reservoir (where pathogen lives and grows)

  3. Portal of exit

  4. Mode of transmission

  5. Portal of entry and susceptible host, or uninfected person.

Breaking a single link in this chain stops the spread of infection. 


The UVAIRx technology actively breaks the chain of infection at 2 points:

1. The disease-causing pathogen and;

2. The reservoir where it thrives.



Beyond not being able to affect contaminated surfaces, the core problem with traditional filter-based systems or UV light systems are that can only treat the air that passes through them.  

It takes several hours for a filter-based or UV light system to circulate air through the ducts to ever reach their maximum level of pollution reduction.  However, well before that occurs, new air, or contaminants, or people have already entered the room and the filtered air immediately mixes with existing, polluted air and becomes re-contaminated.


In addition to new air or contaminants coming in, existing air is constantly affected by eddies (circulating air) and stratification (caused by warm air rising) which create pockets of air in the room that will never even reach the purifier. 

Even the most advanced HEPA filters that can remove bacterias and viruses from the air passing through them, do not kill them.  No matter how power or large filter systems are, they cannot overcome this basic failing. 


With the UVAIRx system, pathogens in the air or on surfaces do not have to pass through the unit. Ion clusters are continuously released into the room which actively attack and deactivate pathogens in the air, on surfaces, and in hard to reach crevices on contact.  

UVAIRx units are not only filter-free, the patent-pending designs also do not produce harmful ozone typically seen as part of older generation PCO applications. 

Indoor environments protected by UVAIRx ensure that any new pathogens or VOCs that may subsequently enter the room (as a new person or an animal enters the area, for example) are also destroyed, keeping the indoor environment safe.  UVAIRx units run continuously, hands-free, and consume less electricity than a 15 watt light bulb. 



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